Weekly 12 Step Catholic Musings is back!

I've really been trying to be super mindful of my spending and my thought process behind it. Not easy. Because I'm an Addict (in Recovery) and suffer from severe ADHD which means my brain is wired oddly. Lol 😂 😆 

I know that as a 12 Step Catholic though I gotta be careful of my addiction to spending and purchasing. Since the serotonin spike only lasts a few minutes then regret comes in and self hate. A lovely cycle. 

I know that The Holy Trinity is the only one who can fill that hole in me. No amount of anything will ever do that. EVER. 

So I'm careful and watchful of triggers, and keep it real in meetings and with other 12 Step Catholics. 

I've really been trying to make strides in this area.
 Something that has taken me awhile to see. I started it over a year ago this take responsibility for my spending habits, lol. 

I don't see my own growth. Do you? 
When my husband Jeff Says he's proud of my restraint in the spending department, that really means something lolol 🤣 😂.
In all seriousness, this is the Virtue of: Self Control. Something I desire to have more of. I think it's fair to say we all do. 
We have a list of Virtues From our Workbook I'll share here. It's in the 12 Step Catholic confession Workbook Steps 4 through 7. 
I love having a Virtue List. Something to strive for and be aware of what can I do to be more Jesus like and less me. 
God Bless 
I'll end with CRM Protection Prayer.
Jesus Protect and Save the unborn, the children, the elderly and the marginalized. Amen


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