St Mary Magdalene Helper of those suffering from Sex Addictions and Toxic Habits.

This month we review Step 9.

CRM Step 9....

Making Amends:
We all know there are people who we can't make amends too. Maybe they have passed on, or it's just to unhealthy for either party to communicate. Or some situation where it's just going to cause more pain. 

What do we do then? 
In CRM we make a lifetime amends. By staying free of our Addiction or Toxic Habits one day at a time, with Jesus at the Helm.  

It's not exactly easy peasy. There will be struggles, there will be days the Crosses feel too heavy to bear. 

And those famous Recovery halts. Hungry, angry, lonely, tired and or sick can cause us to faulter. The "halts" make our Crosses feel seriously unbearable.

What to do? 
Alone we can't carry the crosses, 💯 fact. 
We do it with the Holy Trinity, our Blessed Mother and all the Saints and Angels. That's a lot of Love!!
With our Posse we can 
and do stay abstinent. 

Why the Sex Topic this 
isn't SA.
It's a big issue in our society and recovery. 
Many don't deal with the Sex Issues we have no matter what they are. It hurts us in all areas of our recovery. Like it says in the Big Book of AA too little or too much sex. The Big Book knew in the late 1930's the fact we all suffer from some type of sexual malady. The human condition. 

One of the major addictions that many of us in and out of recovery suffer from is Masturbation, Porn, Sexual Immorality, sexual ideation, sexual issues of any kind and or sexual dysfunctions. Men and Women. Especially if sexually
abused. Again, the human condition. 

Why St Mary Magdalene?
She was a woman who struggled with addiction, mental health issues and unworthiness. 
If you have watched the Chosen you can see a very interesting interpretation of St Mary Magdalene. 
I bet a lot of us could totally relate to her and her struggles. 
She may very well be the First Addict to Follow Jesus. I believe so. 

What's her deal?
The Catholic Church calls her the Apostle to the Apostles. 
There's hope for us Addicts and all who suffer with Mental Health Illness. 

The Catholic Church believes she was a woman of wealth and helped the ministry with her wealth. She is said to have been seductive and beautiful. Possibly, a Jezebel type. 
She had 7, yes 7 demons that Jesus healed her of. So yah she was Broken. 

And no, she wasn't a prostitute. And yes I did research this. It was Fabricated and not The Catholic Churches Stance now.

She was broken. One of us. 
I personally feel and believe God The Father set this up so us marginalized people could and would have hope. That we can heal, and that no one's truly that broken that they can't. 

Her History......
St Mary Magdalene is mentioned by name twelve times in the gospels, more than most of the apostles and more than any other woman in the gospels, other than Jesus's family.
Wow. Right?!!

Yet St Mary Magdalene had 7 demons cast out of her! 7!! Yes I'm repeating this. Mind Blower. 

St Mary Magdalene was a witness to the crucifixion of Jesus, she was also present at his burial. All the four gospels identified her, either alone or as a member of a larger group of women which includes Jesus's mother, as the first to witness the empty tomb, and as the first to witness Jesus's resurrection.
It is said she went to live with Our Blessed Mother after Jesus's Resurrection.

St Mary Magdalene has the ability to intercede for us because she knows our pain. Pure and simple, she's one of us.

I have to humbly Thank  Monsignor Rossetti for teaching on this. 
He spoke in his latest Online Deliverance Session about St Mary Magdalene for help with our sex maladies, addictions, dysfunctions. 

Who is Monsignor Rossetti?
He is fab and a well known Exorcist Priest as well as being a Licensed Psychologist. For over thirty years he's worked in the Psychological Treatment Industry and 15 years in Exorcism Field. He also is the founder Of St Michael For Spiritual Renewal Center. 

PS: Monsignor Rossetti does a free monthly YouTube Online Deliverance Session I highly recommend signing up for at the bottom of the Blog Post. Also download their App. Great prayers he has for the Laity to Say. 

This is a Deliverance From Evil Spirits of Pornography Prayer and blog post link below that mentions St Mary Magdalene as helper in this area. 

It's on The St. Micheal For Spiritual Renewal Center Site and the Article is by Monsignor Rosetti.

I want to end this not forgetting to pray for all those suffering. 

May God Bless You and your journey in everlasting Recovery and join us as we grow in our Faith & Journey in the Catholic Recovery Life.

Shalom, Shalom


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