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Catholic Recovery Ministries 12 Step Weekly Meetings

Welcome to Our one and only 12 Step Catholic Fellowship. Catholic Recovery Ministries . For those suffering with Addiction and habitual Sin and those who love someone Addicted to Habitual Sin and Addiction. As a 12 Step Catholic I can attest that it does work our program. Our Founders are Jesus and Blessed Mother and we have our own 12 Steps and Traditions, etc. It can be used in combination with any and all 12 Step Groups. We focus on the Solution through our Rich Catholic Faith. JOIN US ON ZOOM FOR CRM MEETING Meeting ID: 886 4534 6838 Passcode: 635218 Email Us For more info

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WEEKLY Tues Nite Zoom Rosary Event 8pm EST

Weekly Tues Nite Zoom Rosary Event

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Month of May On Our Tuesday Night 8pm EST Zoom Weekly Rosary Special for Our Blessed Mother

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Weekly Rosary Event Tuesday Night 8pm EST

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