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Chalk Talk Father Martin

Father Joseph C. Martin October 12, 1924 – March 9, 2009     Father Joseph Martin Father Martin videos are used by Professionals and Individuals all over the World for Alcoholism treatment and Education.....He began his road to recovery in 1958 at The Guest House, which was founded and operated by Austin Ripley. While, drinking himself, Austin Ripley came across a copy of the Saturday Evening Post and discovered an article featuring Alcoholics Anonymous. The article described how this new five year old organization, was having success helping alcoholics get and stay sober. It also talked about their "Big Book" which had only been in print for 1 year. As a result of this article, Austin Ripley began his journey of recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous.   During a year's period of time, Austin Ripley spent as much time as he could with the founders of A. A.; Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. He gained valuable knowledge and information about them and the program they founded.

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