Last few weeks of Lent days and 12 Step Catholic Walk

Lent for this 12 Step Catholic is all about being uncomfortable. Feeling like less then, a failure, a poser. 
Because I'm a perfectionist. And Self focused, Have low self esteem, struggle with mental health issues as well as Addiction issues (like many 12 Step Catholics). A broken soul.

What Lent has looked like

On Wednesday and Friday I don't eat meat, as most of us Catholics honor during lent. Whooped de doo.....
I love fish and seafood and live in Florida.... 
I do try and fast. But I do that normally every wed and Fri. I do a 12 hour or 14, 15 hour fast and eat small meals. But I am supposed to do this for my Crohns Disease. a necessity, 
so not a real Penance. 

I have a serious sinus infection that I haven't been able to get rid off, and only crave sweets. I can't really taste anything else. So I do still eat sweets. Even if they are organic, raw sugar, no additives sweets. 😞

I did give up watching old movies and old TV shows, so there's that. I only watch religious shows, documentaries, etc. 😌

How can I/we change the last few weeks of Lent?

I've personally focused on setting up a new schedule to do Daily Mass, as well as Mother Angelica Rosary and Divine Mercy (it's sung!) All on EWTN. 
For deeper devotion. 

I'm focusing on upping my self-care to heal. Getting more serious about this.

Something amazing we are led to do during Lent for CRM....
Currently we are working on a 12 Step Catholic  Workbook and Spiritual Planner for CRM!! 

Last thoughts on Lent 

I have heard that during Lent God may pull deeper from us, make us more uncomfortable so we look at what needs to change within us, what part of our lives need to be given to the Lord, Lock, Stock and Barrel.

It's safe to say it was a uncomfortable time for Jesus. 
He was a Man as well as God, so fasting for 40 days, being alone in the desert (where the devil loves to reside), being vulnerable to the elements, must have all been very uncomfortable. To say the least. 

Jesus shows us how he managed grace, dignity, perservance, and non faltering devotion to Our Lord God, through prayer, reflection and denial of the devil. 

Don't surely we have the ability to do the same? He said we Could Move Mountains, then why not during the next few weeks of Lent can't we at the very least become uncomfortable, and in deep faith, and ask to heal those broken parts of us? 

1. Ask the Lord to heal the deep wounds from childhood to now. 
2. Soften our hardened hearts. 

May all of us spend the remainder of our Lent dedicated to the uncomfortable, and deepen our Faith while we go through this season.


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