Letters to Blessed Mother from a 12 Step Catholic in CRM New Year

Well the first day of 2024 is now passed. I know this year will hold some beautiful, tragic, glorious, sad and everywhere in-between events and emotions. 
I ask you Blessed Mother Mary for extra protection. I know my familia and friends will need it. I don't like to ask for myself. I just ask for grace to handle what comes my way. 
You've answered me, you've comforted me, you've shown me to continue with my faith. I fall at times, but you help pick me up. Wipe off my tears and guide me back to your Son. 
I don't know how I deserved a Mother who is Queen of Heaven and Earth, but I'm so so grateful. Sometimes my crosses feel too great and heavy to bare. 
But you take it from me. You give me rest, refreshment for my spirit. It's not easy at times. I mean I'm just a sinner on Earth. But to you I'm the most important daughter that there is. Which is weird for me to understand. But I go with it. My lack of self love and self empathy shows alot, but you remind me that's the devil's wish for me to be miserable with a capital M. 
Especially about my self worth. He likes to put thoughts about what I shoulda woulda coulda been doing. All lies but sometimes I fall for them. And you Blessed Mother Mary you pick me up. Dust me off and guide me to your son Jesus. As they say in Recovery I have a built in Forgetter. I forget about the fact I'm never alone, I forget about the fact that what my head says isn't factual and also feelings aren't facts. That to take it easy on myself. Be kind to me, not just others, and have empathy for myself. These are the hardest most difficult things to do. I seriously can't even tell you Blessed Mother Mary (you know) how often I fail in this area. ...
Without the Rosary, your intercessions, your unwavering love for me, I would be a bobber in the ocean lost and drifting. 
You, Blessed Mother Mary are and always will be the most beautiful, the most loving the most amazing Women ever to live. Queen of Heaven and Earth. That's my Blessed Mother. 
Do I deserve you? No. Did I deserve your Son, my Lord Jesus to die for me? No!!!! But I've been given gifts that are beyond my understanding. 
I pray for us all 2024 and this year will bring us closer to you Blessed Mother Mary, soften our hardened hearts and heal our wounds so we make walk in the light of Jesus's love for us. 
The new year. The time of action. I pray that CRM continues to help others and we follow your will, not ours, and when we do loss track you gently put us back where we belong. I pray this year all come to Recovery who need it, not just want it, and they are protected under your Mantle my Blessed Mother. 
I pray that every rosary I say helps those in purgatory and those least likey to hear or be sent to heaven. And all those sick and suffering in and out of Recovery as well as any Mental Health issues. 
I love you Blessed Mother Mary. Please help me to have a mustard seed of your Faith!
I love you heart and Soul 
Blessed Mother Mary. 


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