Not Alone and not Afraid anymore. 12 Step Catholic

When it may feel like no one can hear me.
When it may feel like no one can see me.
When it may feel like no one can help me.

When the tears weld up inside.
When the fears
keep me untied. 
When the years
tell me to decide.

When my life is no longer my own. 
That my thoughts no longer are known.
That my heart is no longer a stone.

No matter the pain
No matter the strain.
No matter the drain.

I find the peace that never Persisted 
I find the love that never Resisted. 
I find the hope that never Existed.

I wonder why I waited so long.
I wonder why I hated so long. 
I wonder why I debated so long. 

Now I have found
That I'm no longer bound
By that which I surround

That my freedom came through 
And just grew
And is finally true. 

Jesus saves my soul
Jesus saves me whole.
Jesus saves me when I unroll.

No longer alone
No longer unknown 
No longer hidden

Finally free
Finally I see
Finally I'm me

In God's love
Under the Mantle of Mary
I reside

The Gift of freedom from Active Addiction and deep burning pain. 
May we all be given this.  All of us who are struggling, or have struggled in or out of 12 Step Healing.  


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