Midnight Mass Amazement 2022

Dec 24th 2022
Last year, on Christmas Eve, the Last day of Advent and 6 night of Hanukkah (we celebrate in our home) all lined up. I don't remember it all lining up like this. 
We do Adoration every Sat nite from 8-10pm we're Adorers. It's our Date with Jesus night. We're blessed to have the opportunity. 

Christmas Eve fell on our evening to be Adorers. So Christmas Eve was extremely unique and amazing and not what I would have ever thought my life would look like this Christmas. 
At Adoration Chapel we got a incredible Blessing. Right before we left on the other side of the Adoration Chapel is the Altar of The Church. And there were people practicing for Midnight Mass. We got to hear a incredible rehearsal of Holy Christmas Music. I have included the video I shot of the experience. 
We then went home, lit the Hanukkah lights for sixth night, did our prayers, lit the Advent Wreath for the final time and prayed. We then went to Midnight Mass at Basilica of St Paul,  in Daytona Beach. 
They had a half hour of incredible music their amazing choir performed. With Trumpet, Flute, Percussions. 
Also I did video it. 
The actually Mass was incredible, sacred, beautiful, and honoring and befitting of The Holy familia and God himself. 
And the Birth of baby Jesus. 
It was the first time my husband had ever been to Midnight Mass. Or a Catholic Christmas Mass. 
He was awe struck. And felt as he said, the pride of becoming Catholic, and wanting to be the best version of himself through being Catholic. 
To say it was a incredibly magical Christmas Eve is a understatement. While we were in Adoration Chapel I remember reading that on Christmas Eve and Christmas more people are released from Purgatory then any other time. So I was able to do the St Gertrude Chaplet. Similar to the Rosary, but the Purgatory Prayer is said on all the Hail Mary Beads. 
Which made the time in Adoration even more meaningful if that's possible. 

As a 12 Step Catholic and member of CRM I am humbled to think Jesus brought me to this point to renew my Catholic Faith and Recovery in such a beautiful and heavenly process. I thought of how if I had relapsed and died none of this would be possible. Or just kept on my journey in Recovery without my Catholic Faith and Jesus. 
I did cry in Mass with gratitude and awesomeness of Our Lord's Mercy. 


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