Marian Inspired Catholic Recovery Ministries

We are here doing any and all of this because Our Blessed Mother guided us ever so sweetly to put pen to paper and develop this 12 Step Catholic Recovery Ministries. We didn't want or ask too. We had fear and insecurities about being good enough to present this to the world. Who are we? Why us? We're just rag tagged Addicts in Recovery trying to do it the Catholic way. We didn't know or believe we would start anything brand new. Or wanted to. But when our Blessed Mother calls us, we must answer. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But always moving toward her. She leads us to her Son, Jesus and we lay our fears and our pains at the foot of the Cross while she watches and loves us. Jesus radiates his Love and Healing and we try as flawed humans to move forward. 
To Our Blessed Mother and Jesus Our Lord 

I need you
I want you
I love you
I thank you
Please Help me
In Jesus Name

Yes it's as simple as that. 


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