List of Gifts of the Holy Spirit Step 12 in CRM

I know I need a reminder and this list is great for that. Step 12 in CRM is to Be of Service to others in all areas of our lives. 
With the Help of the Holy Spirit I can do this. 

Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Word of wisdom; Word of Knowledge; Faith; Gifts of Healing; Miracles (signs & wonders),
Prophecy; Discerning of Spirits, Deliverance, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues. 

Worship Leading; Ministry/Service; Teaching & Preaching; Leadership; Evangelism; Pastoral Guidance; Children & Youth

Helping; Administration; Teaching; Encouragement; Giving; Celibacy; Intercession.
Mercy; Compassion & Tears; Grace; Hospitality; Willingness to face martyrdom.

Christian Art; Music; Worship song writing; Singing; Poetry; Writing; Pottery; Dance; Creative Arts; Some people have been gifted by the Holy Spirit with particular Charisms in these areas

I pray for a infusing of gifts in all areas and to be sharing of these gifts with others suffering. 
True essence of CRM Step 12. 


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