Letters from a 12 Step Catholic to God

Holy Trinity what is that? I love everything in 3's. God this is a bit abstract. So to keep it simple I am praying to all three of you separately. 
I pray God to be merciful even though I don't deserve it. I suck as a human being. We are all evil and well really just awful. Please God let me forgive Adam and Eve.
Let me have a Understanding Heart. I praise you God. I honor you God. I love you God. Please protect me, and keep my enemies far from me. Please shower me with your Glory. I ask in your name God.  
The one and Only forever and Forever Creator of All that is, and all that will be. The King of all. Thank u God. Thank you God. Thank you God.

Jesus guide me in ways that my heart and my head align. Help me to be more willing, and less judegy. Help me to love St Thomas your one of 12. Help me to be kinder and more loving to all Doubting Thomas's. Too see their pain, confusion and help them to see the Truth. 
Help me to grow in self care, and knowing my vocation through you. To Share the good news to others with love, knowledge, and above all kindness and piety. 
Jesus I love you so much. I love and want to imitate you as much as possible.
Thank you for your blessings on my heart. Please do with my pain what you can for me to be closer to you. And of course only if it is your will. I only ask Jesus. I only pray Jesus Christ in your name and will be forever and ever. Amen 

Veni Sancte Spiritus
Veni Sancte Spiritus 
Veni Sancte Spiritus 

Come Holy Spirit. I don't know how to pray to you, so I'll just do it. 
I am a child when it comes to you. I would like wisdom, compassion, understanding, artistic creativity, I know I'm being greedy, but I was told to ask. If I'm being greedy, please just help me. I want to be kinder. And be joyful. 
Just help me understand you. 
I have such a hard time understanding.  
Thank you and I adore you and love you Holy Spirit. 
I'm just a Catholic Addict who struggles and loses the plot daily. 
Please have mercy on me. 


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