Letters from a 12 Step Catholic to God

Feb 25 2022

God I'm repent for my sins. And for my lack of focus. I'm sorry I have let you down. I know when I can't still my mind during reflection, adoration and or praise I'm a mess. I come to you today as a mess. As a twisted in the wind sheet and I'm tangled up in blue. I'm sorry God for my lack of awareness. I'm sorry for my lack of kindness. Toward you, myself and others. I'm sorry I've been very distant and stubborn. I'm sorry I'm letting pain and negative thoughts mess with me to the point I have lost my way and the plot at times. I know you have my plan. You know my way. I know the Non way. The dark way. I ask your light to shine on all of me. Even if it hurts, even if I freak. But God you know how much light I can take. I give you all of me. So you can mold me your way not mine. Your way not the enemies. I pray for protection from my enemy. I pray for protection from my dark thoughts. From the enemy and his crew. I pray for protection in my home. I pray for a understanding heart like King David did.  I pray for the goodness of your love to shield me from the enemy. I am a lost Little Lamb. I'm sorry for my past thoughts of suicide, death and leaving earth. I'm sorry for my self harm thoughts. I'm sorry I can't feel you always with me. I'm sorry I forget about you. I'm sorry I forget about me. 
I'm sorry I see only darkness and pain. I'm sorry I feel darkness and pain. I'm sorry I miss opportunities to grow closer. 
I love you God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit. 
Please hear my cries. 
Your lost lamb in the woods. 
Diary post from a 12 Step Catholic 


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