CRM What to expect at our Meetings.

CRM Weekly Meeting Guidelines and Suggestions

CRM Guidelines:
1. We Respect each other.
We are Catholics, most of us who come to the meetings. If your not your still welcome. But you must Respect our Faith and beliefs, if there is disruption due to a lack of Respect that person or persons will be swiftly removed. Love and tolerance is our Code, as well as keeping the meeting safe. 

2.Were kind to each other.
Kindness goes along way with addicts in recovery. 
We come together because we're broken, and again, love and Tolerance is our Code. 

3. We dont focus on one specific Addiction and or toxic habit. 
Why? Because our Catholic Faith and 12 Steps of Catholic Recovery Ministries are where our solutions lie. They are the same for any addiction or toxic habit. 
We are solution based. Yet, also understanding our crosses are very heavy to bare sometimes. We say our addiction in a general way. 

4. We ask for Participation, but it's not mandatory. 
We have Prayers Printed out, Bible Verses for the Month, Daily Reading, etc. 
Like any recovery meeting we have our own readings and ask you to join in. 

5. If your on Zoom please show yourself and say Hi. After that you can turn your camera off. We just want to put a face to your share and being in the meeting. 

6. If on Zoom please mute your Mic when not sharing. We also do say some prayers together it's good to say them at a low tone, because it can just sound garbled if we're all loud. 

These are suggestions to get more out of your Recovery. 

1. We have service work available you will be asked to help. We usually need it! To Chair the Meeting, help with the Monthly Rosary Event, and soon upcoming Rosary Events at Assisted Living Centers help, printing items for us, etc. Be part of a Ministry and volunteering is a big part of our 12 Step work. 

2. We have a CRM Text Group. We do meeting updates and events, inspirational memes, etc. It's a way of keeping the connection with your brother and sister Catholics who are in recovery. 

3. Get the free PDF of Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis. It has daily reading. It's the most published book in the world behind the Bible! It came out in the 1500's and many Non Catholics also read it♥️. 
It is very good for those of us in Recovery. Don't believe me, see for yourself!

4. We have a list of Examen of Consciousness for Confession. Can help us prompt ways to see our Character Defects for Confession. 

5. Find a Spiritual Director who understands Addiction and or Toxic Habits. A Priest, Deacon, Nun, who can help us grow and flourish in Recovery with our Catholic Faith. Set a time outside of Confession to have a sit down. 

6. Use the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Rosary and Freedom From Addiction Prayer often. They can help with our thoughts and actions that concur with our Addictions and or Toxic Habits. 

7. Pray the St Gertrude Prayer often and also do the St Gertrude Chaplet. This is considered Step 11 work And Step 12 work. Since we are helping those in Purgatory be raised to Heaven. Every time the prayer is said 1,000 people get Raised to Heaven from Purgatory. As was told to St Gertrude from Jesus. 

8. Go to confession monthly or more frequently if your Addiction is active. 

9. Spend time in Adoration Chapel. Perpetual Adoration Chapels are great for any time of night and or day. You can also volunteer as a Adorer at the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Double Win. I call it my date with Jesus! 

10. Read up on the Saints. There are many who are our Patron Saint of Addiction. St Maximilian Kolbe, St Monica, and more. 
Read of their trials. Also Venerable Matt Talbot is another Patron of Alcoholics and Addicts and is pretty inspirational! 

11. Attend healing Special Masses, Benediction, ask for anointing of the sick (struggling with a current addiction, toxic habit, mental health issues, etc),

13. If joining us on Zoom, it is great to have a Perpetual Adoration on your TV while in the Meeting. Sets a tone for reverance and healing. YouTube has many silent Perpetual Adoration Chapels live streamed. We keep the live stream on for hours. 

I'm ending this Blogpost with our Prayer....

Shalom, Shalom


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