Step 11 in Action with Blessed Mother Mary

Our Blessed Mother Mary is busy in September in  
The Liturgical Calendar.
Sept 8 Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Sept 12 Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary

September 15 Our Lady of Sorrows

CRM incarnation is 💯 due to Blessed Mother Mary. Fact. 

Recently we updated our Logo for CRM. It states at the top of our Logo, Marian inspired. 
Our Queen of the Universe showed me this for the upcoming one year anniversary of CRM .
The history of CRM is The Blessed Mother Mary leading this journey from the very start. 

Where do I come in?

I was led back to my Catholic Faith (generational cradle Catholic) by our Blessed Mother Mary who led me back to her son Jesus. After being in the desert for forty years. I came back and did reconciliation on St Bernadette's Feast day at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. I had no ideal at the time.......
Then I was led too ....
Read and learn about Our Lady of Fatima and the Importance of the Holy Rosary. 
Something I was fascinated with as a child. 

I was then led further to read the books by Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort: The Secret of Mary and The true Devotion to Mary. Then I was led on to St Maximilian Kolbe (Patron Saint for Addiction) and the organzation he started due to his deep Devotion to Our Blessed Mother, The Militia of Immaculatae. 
I did the Consecration to Mary on The feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary. 
I read more books on Mary. I would even be blessed to smell tropical roses (it's the only way I can describe the smell) while reading the books.
I started to pray to her for understanding and healing. 
And put up her photos in our home next to Jesus. 
I started wearing the Miraculous Medal. And doing up necklaces and prayer cards for the MM. 
And just kept falling deeper in love with our Queen of Heaven and Earth. 

My own Mom on Earth...

My poor mom had a hard time in this life. She had a prescription drug addiction. She had mental health issues that weren't easily diagnosed and taken care of. She had a hard life as a child. She had so much pain inside her. 💔

So due to this I always have had a emptiness in my soul. Always a deep longing and piercing emotional pain. 

But then.....
 After I devoted myself to our Blessed Mother I had a release of that loneliness, hurting, unending yearning nothing could quench. Even after all the stepwork, all the work I did in recovery for 23 years. It never left. I always felt like a Motherless Child. Our Blessed Mother gave me freedom from this. Our Queen and her son, our Lord Jesus released those chains which binded me since infancy.

I call on her and she will immediately come to my aid. When I do the Rosary, sit in Adoration and pray, do Novenas, etc I get these thoughts that are not my own, I feel comforted, my anxiety releases. My heart smiles. 

How did CRM come to be? 

I was led to do these three things that guided me on the journey with starting CRM. 

-Blessed Mother led me to a incredible Charismatic Catholic Prayer Group on Zoom weekly. It originates from the UK. The healing, the growth and incredible people I've meet and become familia with is a understatement of the Love of Jesus! 
-On Blessed Mother Mary's guidance We started a Monthly Rosary Event. And it's been one of the most joyful events I've ever been part of. Every month we dedicate the Rosary to the Monthly Devotion. 
- Blessed Mother Mary  guided us to sign up and commit to volunteering weekly to be Adorers at Epiphany Catholic Church where they have a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Jeff and I have a date with Jesus every Saturday night between 8-10pm. Much of what we do in CRM comes from those dates with Jesus. 
Those three commitments have changed and shaped my Step 11 work and supercharged it. And led me to a deeper understanding of God's 
will for me. 

In AA we say 
Skyrocketed to the fourth dimension. This I have felt.

Honestly I never would have thought that I would be putting on and hostessing a Monthly Rosary Event. I never thought I'd join a UK Zoom weekly Catholic prayer group. 
 I never ever thought I would volunteer to be a Adorer (I didn't even know it was a thing). 

I'm not tooting my own horn. I'm nobody special. 💯 Fact.
 I am just someone who believes in The 12 Steps of Recovery with all my heart and soul. My Step 11 work evolves over time. And this is my journey at 24 1/2 years in Recovery. See I didn't know where I would be led on my spiritual journey. I just stick and stay in recovery, try to be Honest, Open minded and Willing. 
Of course my Step 11 life looked very different for me in the start of my recovery. I can only say that where it's leading me now is the most fulfilling and healing level of Peace I've ever experienced. 💯 Fact. 

Today is a Special day:

Feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows.

St Simeon in the Temple told Blessed Mother when she and St Joseph brought Jesus as a baby to the Temple as part of Jewish law, that our Blessed Mother would suffer greatly, A sword would pierce through her soul.  
As a Mother she suffered more then any other Mom on Earth. And yet she is perfect. Loves us and leads us to Jesus. With only love. Always love. Always here for us. 

I wrote this poem awhile ago. My Devotion to The
Blessed Mother My Queen Forevermore.
Let's  conclude this Blogpost with a prayer. 

Shalom, Shalom 


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