CRM Weekly Meeting Schedule

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We are open to all Addictions and or Toxic Habits. 
In Person meeting every wed at 7:30 PM Our Lady of Lourdes, Daytona Beach, Fla
Zoom meetings 
Wed at 7:30pm
Fri at 8pm

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Meeting ID: 886 4534 6838
Passcode: 635218  

We do the AA Daily Reflections Reading and 
Open it for discussion on the reading, or our walks as Catholics in Recovery. 

Our meetings are one hour long. We have our own 12 Steps. We also have prayer of the month (8 month, eight step, etc). 

If your looking to go deeper as a person who has Catholic Faith and Recovery these meetings help us unite our Journey in Recovery. 
We welcome you to check us out. And feel the warmth and love we have for each other as we carry our crosses and trudge the road to a happy destiny with the assistance of the Holy Trinity, Blessed Mother Mary, and all the Angels and Saints. 

We also have alot of our unique prayers that are for those of us in Recovery. As well as Patron Saints who assist us on this path. 

Who we are. 
We provide weekly Zoom as well as meetings at local churches.
We discuss our growth as Catholics & our journey in Recovery. We use AA approved literature.

Why AA literature??? I'm not a Alcoholic...
AA is the Core of all 12 Step Groups, and can be used for any addiction or toxic habit. Substitute Alcohol and use what suits you. 
We also use a variety of Catholic Church Teachings, Scriptures & books, as well as The Bible in our Meetings . 
We have our own 12 Steps, that focus on any & all Addictions and Toxic Habits.

Our info is:

Our Mission is.....
To bring truly lasting freedom from all & any Addictions & Toxic Habits. We believe our Catholic Faith united with 12 Step Recovery is a perfect combination for long term Recovery. CRM uses the 12 Steps as our base & all the resources of our Catholic faith. CRM can and is used in tandem with
any and all 12 Step Groups.

CRM is lead by The Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Mother Mary as well as all the Angel & Saints.

May God Bless You and your journey in everlasting Recovery and join us as we grow in our Faith & Recovery.

God Bless you while you trudge the road of happy destiny. 



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