Catholic Recovery Ministries Musings.

Hi. I'm Shanti. 
I am blessed to be in recovery. My recovery date is 1/31/99. It is for me one of the most important dates in my life. I owe my life to the 12 Step program. 
This fellowship was started by Blessed Mother Mary. She nudged me ever so gently into starting this Ministry. 
It's not something I wanted to do, but when Jesus's Mom, our Mother says to get to it, we obey as Catholics. 
My husband also is part of this story. He became Catholic and Co Founder this Fellowship all at the same time. Great stuff. 
His date in recovery is 7/7/91. 

We have learned, and relearned so much about Recovery since Catholic Recovery Ministries. 
Did you know Bill W (CO founder of AA) sponsor was a Jesuit Priest? And influenced 12 and 12 book? And much of his writings. 

Did you know the St Francis Prayer that's in the Big book is Catholic?
Catholics believe in going to Confession. List our sins, and then confess them. Step 4 and 5. 
These are just a few tidbits of info that lace together 12 Step Recovery and Catholicism.
There's so much more. We will share this weekly. CRM Musings. 
Pray for all the sick and suffering in and out of the Rooms of Recovery. 


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