Step 5. Confession and Reconciliation.

Step 5. One use Catholics know oh so well. Confession, Reconciliation. 
We take our Step 5 Sins list (aka Character Defects List) and with Faith and Courage we say prayers and sit and wait in line for our turn in the Confessional Booth. 
Then we enter. 
We have a Set way we Greet our Loving Priest. We admit how long since we've been and so on. 
We then hit the high Spot. 
Telling our sins. And we don't hold back. Sins of Mind, Sins of Body, Sins of Soul and Sins of omission. 
We get absolved of our Sins at the end and do penance of prayers or such before we leave the Confessional Booth. 
We can sit face to face in chairs, or have a screen and divider between us as we kneel. 
We do best we can after asking Adonai for help. 
We don't Hold back. 
We leave feeling lighter, glowing sometimes, more clean inside. 
And we sit in silence do our prayers and we thank Adonai for such a incredible experience. 
We Pray for our Priest to be protected and we leave in Gratitude and love. 
Yah it's pretty kewl. It's always been considered Mental Health Medicine and Priest are Soul Doctors.
We do it monthly. Or more. To cleanse ourselves of the sins and messes we make. 
For Step 5 we make a Appt with our Priest and we take a hour or so and go through our Fourth Step as written in the Big Book of AA. 
They do that pretty regularly. 
What a amazing union of Recovery and Catholicism. Hand in Glove. 


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