Step 4. Writing it out. But never alone.

Step four at our Catholic Recovery Ministries Weekly Meeting was all about pen to paper, but first words to Adonai. We know as Catholics we are never alone. Of course we feel it sometimes. But feelings are not Facts. 
Step four can be a big mountain to climb. Or a exciting journey we know not where will take us. 
With pen and paper in hand, we can never go wrong. No matter 1 month In Recovery, or 23 years. It's truly the ongoing pivotal point of our continuing growth. 
We have our Sponsor, we have paperwork that lays it out, and we have pens or pencils lol. 
We Just Do It.
No if, ands or buts. 
We go forth. We do it. 
We write, even when it hurts, we cry, dry our eyes and keep going. 
I can't say it's easy. Especially in beginning. But as Catholics, we prepare ourselves for Confession. 
By listing our sins, aka Character defects. 
We have a pretty long and detailed list that Catholics use. We ask Adonai to show us what we can't see about ourselves and what we may have forgotten or omitted in past Confessions. 
We take time to ponder this and write our list. We don't hold back. For that will only hurt us. 
We know the end game is being cleansed of these sins. But we must do the footwork. 
Being Catholic we know the power behind Step 4 without ever being in Recovery. But with Recovery it deepens our Healing and in Unity with Adonai. 


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