Sin & Character Defects Collide.

Day 9. Of 365 Days of Bible Verse Artwork.

Ok, so I used to really hate the word Sin.

Then a funny thing happened.
I got into Recovery. And when you do the 4th step you have a list of Character Defects. Something we talk about in Recovery a lot, read about it and work on ridding ourselves of them.

That, I could really get my teeth into.

I have obvious and hidden Character Defects.

Character defects to me is a fancy word for sin, I realized.

One definition of sin is an often serious shortcoming.

Well my Character defects sure seem like that.

Here's a simple list of Character Defects. There are more detailed lists. And guess what. These are sins too, lol.

Adonai can take them from me by being honest with my step work and Confessions.
But, it takes work, prayer, reflection and lots of writing and Honesty. We say in recovery HOW.
That's the key to my humility and growth.
Repent means to me, admit my shortcomings and hand them to Adonai.
I am forgiven by Adonai and can forgive myself. I can't, he can, I'll let him. First three steps. #hippieheartgypsy


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