New Year and Them Changes!

2023. What will we see? What will we be? Free?
Every New Year many of us in Recovery make a few goals to dig deeper into our Recovery. We come up on a New Number on our Recovery Cake for our Anniversary. But it's also what will this Year bring? Will we be prepared? 
Will we Trust and Accept what is to come? 
That's where Step 11 work comes in. 
For us Catholics that's Prayers and Rosary, Studying Bible, Cathecism, Doing Novenas, Chaplets, Adoration, etc. We have a full Arsenal of Tools for Step 11.
Blessed to have such beautiful tools at our disposal. Do we use them all? No I'm sure of that. But there's a kewl guy, named Venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen and he had a long running TV show. He spoke of The Holy Hour. For Catholics, Jews and Protestants. 
For us Catholics that means Adoration also. What is Adoration? 
It's when the Holy Conscencrated Eucharist is put in a Monstrance. A beautiful Holder that shows the Concencrated Eucharist in Middle. It's quite a sight to behold. 
We sit and adore it in a Chapel or Church Setting. We do the Rosary, Chaplets in front of it. Prayers, Novenas. We usually start out or can, by doing a Spiritual Eucharist Prayer. 
It's a healing, meditative, beautiful and life changing experience, especially done on regular basis. 
It's like Meditation on Steroids. Many miracles occur from doing it. 
In our Catholic Recovery Ministries Weekly Meeting we're Studying The Healing Rosary By Matt D. A Book by a fellow Person in Recovery who is also Catholic. It's about the healing power of the Rosary and using it with our Recovery.  
Highly recommend and we're getting deep into the Step 11 feels. 


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