Step 2 and Them Changes

This week we had a great change up in our Weekly Catholic Recovery Ministries Meeting. 
I stepped down as Chairperson and leader, after praying and contemplating on the development of this Ministry. 
I realized that just because I was led to put this together, doesn't mean I am supposed to do it all! A very common misconception in our World.
And something God reminds me over and over. 
The results are in the fruit, as it’s said…….
The Meeting turned out to be the Best so far! By me, simply getting out of the way! 
A great lesson in general. And reminder that’s God’s will is always, always best! 

So Step 2 is Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
And our daily Catholic Bible Readings were also based on this for the day, that we listen to in the Meeting. 
No coincidence in God's world!
Of course when you say Sanity, that should mean we know what Sanity is.
And I didn't growing up, and I know many others that also can say the same.
I have had to learn Sanity and what it looks like, feels like and is. And to me it’s when the road of peace and rational thinking intercede. With God as my driver. 

Being Powerless is easy. Powerless over people, places, things, situations and events. 
Pretty much everything. Lol..
EXCEPT what I Chose to put into my body and my brain, which effects my emotional and Spiritual wellbeing. The crux of the problem. 
So truly it is all I have control over. And if I’m using drugs and alcohol that means I lost that control to Decide. 
And only through giving up my "power" do I get total freedom. Freedom to Chose, freedom to have that emotional balance and Spiritual well-being . 
For us in recovery we (come to) believe in Something Greater, More Loving, More Compassionate then any of us could ever dream of. For me that's Jesus. He loves me when I don't love me, he is there for me, when I'm not even there for myself. He never leaves. Same with Blessed Mother. God the Father, The Holy Spirit, My Guardian Angel, and all The Saints and Angels. That’s a huge Posse. 
It’s really pretty amazing that it doesn’t get Crowded in my Space! Lol. 
Never Alone. But let’s face it, the Devil in my head may say, your alone, those who love you hurt you the most, you can’t count on those close to you, everyone will let you Down. 
Most importantly I’ll let myself down. But with this Mighty Mighty Power, I’m never letdown. 
He certainly can and does care for me, as long as I Do His will, and not mine.
Great lesson for me to re remember.


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