Let it Go! Step 3 Catholic Recovery Ministries Weekly Meeting

Catholic Recovery Ministries
I'll let him....Step Three

Great organically growing meeting was had last night. 
Small, but intimate, and deep hearted shares. 

Step Three is for me, and I know Jeff has said it and believes that it is still and was the turning point in our recovery. Without this particular step being done  💯 proof. 

Oops, here is step three. 
We decided to turn our will and our life over to God as we understood Him.

I can't Step 1, He Can Step 2, I'll let him Step 3. 

The Trust that when I fall, because I do and will, I have a Power Greater Then Me, I have a Sacred Trinity. Jesus, God, Sante Spiritus that catches me, wipes me off and helps me get back up. 

I'm  powerless over drinking, drugs, sugar, eating, shopping, people, situations, things and places. 
Yah, that's just about, well everything. 
When I take my power back (and I do sometimes) that's when the fear comes in and bam, I regress in my growth and wellbeing. Basically I'm playing God. 

Which isn't a good look for me.
 When I do trust God with it all, I'm grateful, relaxed, Tolerant, kind, loving, thankful, etc, Truly the fruits of the Spirit.  
That's what Step three gifts me with. 

God Bless and let's pray for Russia and Ukraine and for Peace. 


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