A funny thing happened on the way to the Meeting. lol

Funny thing happened on the way to a meeting. Lol.
Every week at the Catholic Recovery Ministries Meetings things are growing and changing. 
It's a very organic development which is risky for a addict in recovery.  
The unknown, the uncertainty, the unexplored, the unplanned, the uncontrollable.  
Yet, by staying openminded, willing and honest and for lack of a better term going with the flow of how the meetings are growing and the seeds were All sowing. 
We started reading The 12 and 12. 
Step one was the topic in the meeting. And to me truly life is step one. Powerless over people, places, situations and things and events!
Not just drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, shopping, etc etc etc...
And by realizing I'm Powerless how this new Catholic Recovery Ministry is going to look like. And honestly, it's beautiful! Letting it unfold, as we all grow! 
So in alot of ways, 
Step One the Step where by giving up, one wins! 
Like when I lay my troubles, pains, etc at the foot of the Cross. Or ask Mama Mary to take them and comfort me. 
The Catholic Life isn't a easy life, but it's the most meaningful and the only life that matters! Doing it Clean and Sober! 
God Bless us All!


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