Weekly Catholic Recovery Ministries Meeting Update

Our weekly meeting is growing. And, honestly we were only in the Church bulletin once, to advertise it. 
Since it's new and a whole new Ministry for the Church. We had pizza and speaker for 15 mins. We are doing it once a month. I spoke on coming back to the Church after away for 40years, you know like in the Desert. Lol
(I do have Jewish  Blood, lol)...
And how much going back to confession released like no fifth step I've ever done, or stepwork. 
Truly is Soul Cleansing.  Jeff had the same experience. He is a Baptist and decided on his own to become Catholic! 
He was at first like why do I need to go before someone and say my sins. Well in a 5th step we do it with another person. The sacrament of Confession is The 5th Step! And a Priest helps you through it. They are actually Trained for it! And they can give you their blessing because they don't represent themselves, Priest are Representatives for Jesus in the confessional
. And they won't go blabbing to anyone lol. Because, well they can't. 
It took my 5th Step to a new plateau. I was able to let go of a habit I have had for 50 years. 
Something 23 years of Recovery couldn't do. I of course believe and love Recovery!! I owe my life to it. It's the blending of the two that's helping my recovery beyond what I ever dreamed! Divine Mercy Jesus, Blessed Mary, and GOD have worked miracles in my life healing me in ways that have blown my mind and Jeff's. 
I could not have predicted this would be my life. Being Catholic, again. Creating Sacremental Jewelry and Artwork. Jeff becoming Catholic. Me trying to do the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet (like rosary) daily. I think God has a great sense of humor. 
I've lost friends over becoming Catholic. People argue with me, wanna challenge me. It's not like it's kewl or popular to be Catholic. I have more crosses to bear, more prayers to pray, I have to be more disciplined and it's time consuming, etc etc but guess what? It's like wonderful! Because it is a powerful way to help others! And really help the world to achieve true, lasting peace. And in the end, that's all I ever wanted to do, be part of!


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